If your vehicle is hard to start and/or has dim headlights when the engine is turned off, your battery is getting weak and should be replaced with a new Genuine Lexus battery. Manufactured to Lexus standards for quality and performance, these batteries are the only batteries authorized for original equipment (OE) warranty replacement. They come with a 24-month free replacement warranty and prorated for the balance of the 84-month warranty period.

Is it time to replace your battery? If you answer YES to any of the questions below, it may be time. 

  • Is your battery more than three years old? 
  • Has your battery outlived its warranty period? 
  • Have any warning lights come on? 
  • Has your vehicle been jump-started lately? 
  • Have you had to use a portable charger to recharge your battery lately? 
  • Do the lights dim when the A/C or heat is on? 
  • Has your vehicle had alternator or belt problems recently? 
  • Is there visible corrosion on the battery posts or cables? 

Our technicians here at Lexus of Valencia have the latest battery-testing equipment available to determine your battery's health and state of charge to help prevent you from having a no-start situation. Schedule your appointment to have your battery tested, serviced or replaced. We will also properly dispose of your old battery to conserve our environment. 


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